Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#Museveni refused to hand over power, now he faces the fire of #Ugandans


Despot Museveni's refusal to step down, after an election that was clearly rigged, is propelling the Ugandan nation to a violent clash between him and the rest of Ugandan citizens.
[A Free Uganda Statement on the growing attacks on police stations and other security installations Uganda - 29th March 2016.]
There is now very little doubt that Ugandans are gearing up for a fight to dislodge Museveni from state house should he fail to step down voluntarily.
And only one man is to blame for this state of affairs - Yoweri Museveni.
Not only did he rig the elections in such a comprehensive manner, but his daily repressive actions against innocent Ugandans, who are merely demanding for their constitutional rights and freedoms, has set the stage for violent show down, which is now more than mere speculation.
Because of the continued arrest and house arrests of freedom struggle leaders like Kizza Besigye and General Sejusa, as well as thousands of other pro-democracy activists, many of whom have disappeared without trace, this, in addition to wanton killings of unarmed civilians, daily tear-gassing of babies, pregnant women and even religious leaders, Ugandans are now realising that all peaceful means of expressing their grievances have been denied to them.
They are now left with little option but to prepare for a big fight to end tragic occupation of state house by a man who was overwhelmingly voted out by the majority of Ugandans.
It is no coincidence that many of the armed groups now launching their initiatory attacks on police stations in places like Sebei and Kasese, by all indications, military or, as it were, well trained people.
Ugandans will remember that the members of Ugandan armed forces, and even the police service, voted overwhelmingly against Yoweri Museveni in the February elections, a fact fully and publically acknowledge by Museveni himself.
The signs are that the men and women in uniform are slowly but steadily joining the People's Struggle for Freedom.
It is true that a few of the police and UPDF functionaries are still offering their services to Museveni, his son Brigadier Muhoozi and the rogue police general, Kale Kayihura. Those are the ones killing, tear-gassing and intimidating innocent citizens in places like Kasangati, outside Dr. Kizza Besigye's home.
But, without any shred of doubt, the overwhelming numbers of UPDF soldiers, police and security service functionaries, would love to help rescue their Motherland from Museveni's illegitimate and illegal terrorist outfit that is falsely claiming to be the government of the Republic of Uganda.
The coming months will prove this to be the case.
The Struggle for Uganda's freedom is on.
Full Article from The Monitor
Unknown gunmen yesterday exchanged fire with police officers guarding Bukwo Central Police Station at around 2am, leaving residents of Bukwo Town Council in panic.
The attack comes weeks after unknown gunmen attacked Kapchorwa Central Police Station, leaving one policeman dead.
According to Elgon region police commander Musa Nabende, following the attack, the police called for reinforcement from the Uganda People’s Defense Forces at Riwo Detachment.
Mr Nabende said the attackers, six in number, later retreated when they realised the police had sent for reinforcement.
“It is unfortunate that none of the raiders was injured but we are happy neither was our officer hurt nor did anyone attacker access the station,” he said.
The Elgon region police commander added that since the recent attack on Kapchorwa, the police have been on high alert.
Mr Nabende said last week, they received a letter, warning the Force about a planned attack on Kaserem Police Station. The police deployed accordingly.
He urged residents to volunteer any information that could lead to the arrest of the attackers.

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