Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lumumba asks #Mbabazi to re-join ruling gov’t - #Uganda

[People.  Get prepared for a circus.  About to happen in the Peril of Africa.  There will be monkeys, pigs and elephants.  You cannot afford to miss this show and wait till you read the rest of the news I am bringing out tonight.  Book your ticket.  The IATA code is EBB.]
The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that President Yoweri Museveni was validly elected as President of the Republic of Uganda in the just concluded February 2016 Presidential polls.
All the nine Supreme Court judges agreed unanimously to the decision and dismissed the petition against his Presidency without costs.
“The first respondent was validly elected. This petition is dismissed. We make no order for costs,” Chief Justice Bart Katureebe ruled.
The ruling threw NRM supporters in a celebratory mood with many saying court had removed all doubt shadowing their candidate’s legitimacy.
Addressing press at the party head offices in Kyandondo, NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba said they had set aside Sunday April 3, 2016 for the victory celebrations that will take place at Kololo independence grounds.
Meanwhile, she urged her predecessor Amama Mbabazi to “return home” and work with the reigning government for the development of the country.
“There is no problem working with anyone,” Lumumba told press.
She said Mbabazi has served as the country’s prime minister before and is still an NRM member.
“He is still in NRM. He hasn’t given us his party membership card. This proves that he still wants to be in NRM,” Lumumba said.
“We welcome him back,” she continued, saying the government was ready to work together with Amama as before.
Lumumba called upon Amama to approach them with his grievances that made him stand against the president so they can discuss and forge a way forward.
Mbabazi at first said he couldn’t work with Museveni again only to turn around and say he would work with the president in the near future.
Sometime back, presidential advisor on media Tamale Mirundi said Mbabazi had petitioned court specifically to legitimise Museveni’s election victory and secure a juicy job in the new government.

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