Sunday, March 27, 2016

How dictatorships fall - for #Uganda
Dictatorships fall because the people get enough or the funders and donors get enough or the combination of the two.
Those who forget history are destined to relive the lessons of the past.
1) The French Revolution was started by "peasants".  The gates to the Bastille were opened by the most loyal guards.  France moved into a new era. Impoverished hungry people who were enslaved on their own lands by the clergy or the powerful people.  Uganda needs to pay attention.
2) Dictators who are supported by super powers can also fall.  The super powers get enough of them.  Ask Iraq if you are in doubt.
3) Dictators with strong armies which are trained and funded by super powers and marked for when they go astray.  Ask Gadafi if you do not believe me.
4) Strong armies which refuse to tolerate the impunity with which the leaders corrupt and impoverish the masses.  Ask Jerry Rawlings.
5) People power and in the case of Uganda, it will be Civil Disorbedience.  Ask Henry David Thoreau.
6) Civil disobedience can shut down a country.  Ask Selassi.
How Civil Disobedience can work for Uganda:
a) It can paralyse the country.  It did in Somalia to topple a Western funded emperor. Courtesy Appuullii Jaasi. 
b) It can unite the nation.  Everyone pays a price.  Freedom in Uganda will require sacrifices and we have paid our dues so far and are still paying more dues.
c) When Gadafi brought in militia from other African countries, even his army and police turned on them and killed them for coming into their country to kill their fellow citizens.  Mind you, most were recruited because of poverty.  The going rate was "we will give your family $5000 if you come over and fight for the regime".  That $5000 was a God sent gift but many did not return home.  How much value do you put on a human life?
d) Emergency preparedness can help during Civil Disorbedience.  Sure, some rents will not be paid or food might go missing but this would be the time to stock up per the guidelines I provided in the past because for a fact, even if there is no civil disorbedience that paralyses the country and you cannot buy food, you currently have the military occupation and rebels.  Stock up on necessities.
UGANDA is going through a very critical time and the worst is yet to come.  It does not hurt for the government to understand what the 38 million people are going through and praying for.  It does not hurt that Ugandans understand the risks ahead and mitigate them.
Stay safe and care for each other.
Information you could use.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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