Thursday, March 31, 2016

Elgon gunmen commander Chelimo surrenders -#Uganda

[Maybe he learned that he would not get to own any of the minerals around Mt. Elgon or that landslides would get him.  Just an idea.  To think that I was born in that place.  Bududa Hospital is still a death trap.]
The commander of an armed group that has been terrorising Mt Elgon region has reportedly surrendered to UPDF.
Julius Chelimo, who police accuses of staging attacks in the Mt Elgon and Sipi region, gave himself up at Bugema Army barracks in Mbale on Wednesday.
Presidential Press Secretary Lindah Nabusayi on Wednesday night said she had been informed by police sources that one of the attackers of Kapchorwa Police station had surrendered.
She said the suspect was whisked off to Kampala a few hours after President Yoweri Museveni asked them to surrender peacefully or be killed in the forest.
Uganda Radio Network quotes a senior UPDF officer saying the suspect who surrendered was Chelimo, an army deserter.
Chelimo escaped from Makindye military barracks in January 2015 after he was arrested on the night of January 8 in Kapchorwa.
In October 2014, he carried out coordinated attacks on the Uganda Wild Life (UWA) installations at Kapkwai in Kapchorwa district killing two army officers and making away with a gun and several rounds of ammunition.
He was on government list of wanted persons.
Addressing a group of elders, opinion leaders, religious leaders and political leaders at Kapchorwa State Lodge on Wednesday evening, Museveni urged the People of Sebei region to use the traditional justice system to bring back their children who are causing insecurity in Sebei region.
He warned that if Chelimo refuses to return peacefully, he will use his own methods to solve the problem of insecurity in the region.
The elders initially requested the President to grant Chelimo amnesty and allow him back in the army if he surrendered peacefully.
The President however said such people cannot be accepted back to serve in the Army because they have killed and will spoil the Army.
“He may be granted amnesty in future after discussions but if such a person is admitted back to serve in the army, how will he treat the one who steals money?” he said.

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