Thursday, March 31, 2016

Court dismisses Mbabazi petition, cements Museveni win - #Uganda
[This comes as no surprise to Ugandans and the international community.  First, we thank all our global friends who have been following the politics of Uganda.  The judges were rumoured to have been threatened for their lives so it is understandable because they have families.  I congratulate Hon. John Amama #Mbabazi for having done this petition to expose the Electoral Committee (EC) and put on the globe the rot in the Judiciary in Uganda.  He will go down in history for this.  His petition also has displayed to the world the ruthless hand of dictator #Museveni.  Dear Canada, USA, UK, EU, etc... STOP supporting the man who is killing Ugandans daily.  Never say we did not warn you because we have worked very hard to warn you.  My news editor in Kampala just sent me a a link to the article he personally just published (he has no sense of humour and it is a damn good thing he did not get me to write the article).  Find it below.  Kyoka ensi eno!  Now some of you will remember that not even an hour ago I talked about boycotting.  Defiance.  When the law does not work for the people, Civil Disobedience becomes necessary.   You can read my article from the writings of Henry David Thoreau here: ]
Supreme Court has dismissed an election petition filed by former Prime Minister seeking the annulment of President Yoweri Museveni’s election victory.
The ruling was delivered on Thursday morning at the Kololo based court as unanimously agreed upon by the nine Justices led by Chief Justice Bart Katureebe.
In his ruling, Katureebe said most of the evidence provided by the petitioner was based on hearsay other than factual information.
He said for example, the petitioner failed to prove that the “leopard anus” made by the president was directed at him.
The remark, according to CJ was innocent and Mbabazi’s claim that it tantamounts to intimidation was “hollow”.
The CJ also pointed out that Mbabazi failed to prove the president bribed voters by giving Shs250,000 to villages.
The same claim on giving hoes to farmers was dismissed on account that it was a national programme and not aimed at inducing voters to choose Museveni.
The use of crime preventers was also defended by court saying they are a reserve force that backed police in its community policing.
Court further questioned the credibility of Mbabazi’s “Ki-face group” witnesses saying there were not credible and their testimonies subject to doubt.

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