Tuesday, December 29, 2015


There are various reasons to ask this question and infer that the elections are already rigged.

1) Opposition parties have been harassed, intimidated and arrested. Their supporters face daily threats and many are still missing.  People are even kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned. Some turn up dead or can never be traced.

2) Multiplying the nomination fees in fact affected mostly the opposition as they have no access to the famous brown envelops (NRM cash).

3) Out right attacks on rallies for the opposition. Does Ntungamo ring a bell?  President Museveni said something about a leopard. You should also remember him saying he would crash the opposition. Most recently he said he cannot hand over power and opposition was after his oil. "HIS OIL"!

4) You all saw the recent article where a former supreme court judge said very loudly that the National ID cannot be used for voting. Aside from the issue of contravening the Ugandan constitution in every form, the Electoral Commission (EC) had the audacity to limit the period during which eligible Ugandans could register for the National ID.  The old voters' registry was conveniently discarded, and this is against any constitution in any democratic country. Uganda could be setting up a precedent.

OPPOSITION leaders knowing all this have not made any attempt to sue the EC or Ugandan government to cancel the elections until we have reforms. Not once have they tried.

I thank Milton, Vincent, Span, Baker, Moses and KB (not Besigye), Rabba and Gen. Sejusa. Their ideas help shape my ideas.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap

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