Monday, December 28, 2015



Amin was accused of killing many Ugandans and he did but mainly he killed soldiers just like Museveni killed Kayiira's soldiers and others. Why would Amin kill citizens? Who was to gain in doing so? On June 25th, 1975 Amin himself went on air at the Uganda National Radio Broadcasting, and told the nation that guerrillas from Tanzania were responsible for the murder of chief justice Benedicto Kiwanuka. The Tanzanian government did not deny such. Mayors of Masaka and Kampala Francis Walugembe and Nabudere were murdered, judge Byagagaire in 1977, Kasule a food supplier to Makerere university also killed at the gate ( why would Amin kill a food vendor), Byron Kawadwa director of Uganda National Theatre in 1977, Dan Kintu of National Theatre, John Male a play writer, numerous citizens of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, Zaire (DRC), and Ghana. Why would Amin do such, while he expelled all Indians of British citizens without killing one. According to Brian Swartz an American lecturer, he saw people being hammered to death in a house at Kololo, by three people in civilian clothing and he had seen those people in Tanzania in the same house that  Dieter Babeck a West Germany citizen who was also tortured by the same people and was lucky to escape. Museveni is on record saying that he used to hide at a friend's house in Kololo whenever he had clandestine activities. Amin's government took responsibility for the death of two Britons in government custody Nicholas Stroh and Robert Siedle and paid compensations to their families. We have had enough time to understand how Museveni uses violence to achieve his political ends. The abductions of Ugandans including JPAM's security boss and the police denies his whereabouts when videos are available of his arrest. The killing of Juliet Tumwebaze and Museveni's silence on the matter instead of calling for calm and tolerance but he is busy saving Burundi while his own people are being slaughtered.

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