Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

Former state house intelligence chief, Charles Rwomushana, confirms on-going killings by Museverni regime. Warns of a regime plot to create conditions for a palace coup engineered by Museveni himself.

General Sejusa and Free Uganda have warned about on-going mass murder across Uganda. They have warned Ugandans to actively prepare to confront and defeat Museveni's evil plan to forcefully retain power using genocide as a tool of choice.

Also, Rabba Naga, the senior liberation struggle activist operating from within the Museveni regime, has recently published a chilling statement describing how dictator Museveni, General Kayihura - the police chief, and Museveni's son Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, the Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC) have unleashed special death squads, which are currently on rampage in all corners of Uganda.

Now Ugandans are beginning to see with their own eyes proof of what General Sejusa, Free Uganda, Rabba Naga, and now another former insider, Charles Rwomushana, are warning about.

It is important to remember how dead bodies from the Rwanda Genocide floated on Lake Victoria. What is happening on the beaches of Lake Victoria today where an increasing number of dead bodies are surfacing on normally quiet beaches is a clear signal of something extremely gruesome going on under the cover of the darkness of night, which Ugandans must be aware of.

There is a genocide in the making, and Museveni has already assembled and continues to assemble the killing machine, in form of the so-called Crime preventers, Kayihura's so-called Flying Squads and other secret murder squads, as well as specialised elements of the Special Forces Command commanded by Museveni's own son, Muhoozi Kaneirugaba.

It is not a coincidence that the bodies of dead Ugandans (mainly youths by the look of it) are beginning to appear on beaches of Lake Victoria at a time when Museveni's killer forces have intensified kidnappings and rampant detentions of hundreds of politically active youths who are found to be engaged in pro-democrcay campaigns.

Of late many opposition activists, mainly youths, have been disappearing without trace, and their whereabouts remain unknown. some have been released only because the political groups and parties to which they belong have raised the alarm in the media, forcing the killer squads to temporarily lay off their plans.

Elsewhere, more established politicians and anti-regime activists, including senior government ministers and top army officers have been dropping dead in very suspect circumstances - feared to be poisoned by regime agents, a tactic that has been used across the years to silence known critics of the Museveni regime.

Without any doubt, Ugandan anti-regime activists are being eliminated by the dark forces of the regime.

The questions is - What will it take for Ugandans to wake up from decades of indifference and 'kasita twebaka otulo' mentality, in order to save Uganda from this already evolving genocide?

Surely these gruesome scenes of dead bodies surfacing on the beaches of Lake Victoria should be a warning that we cannot afford to ignore.

Let us all act now to stop Museveni and his anti-people regime in their tracks.
For if we do not act now, let it be known by all, that the next bus stop is going to be in the heartland of a country called GENOCIDE!

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