Tuesday, December 29, 2015


The Uganda shilling is at 3368 on the US dollar, 4983 on the British pound, 3676 on the Euro and 33 even on the Kenyan shilling.

Arabica is still at $3.26 per kg and Robusta remains at $1.86 a kilo.

Gold is at $1071 an ounce.

Oil is at dropped to $36.52 a barrel. Wait till Canada and USA finish trading in about 3hrs. Maybe Museveni dumped his oil on the market. Dunno!

The reality is this week has thin volume. The professionals are still in holiday mode. Jokers can swing prices. Someone sees a ticker of 1000 shares being sold and panics and sells. Or the 1000 being bought, buys. Never trade on low volume days because you can lose your shirt. This is the same reason why trading in the first opening hour, lunch hour and last closing hour is dangerous.

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