Wednesday, December 23, 2015


This is a continuation to what I have written and shared in the past.  All my articles can be found on the Internet with any search engine.

SOC LLC is a US company.

SOC LLC contracts services from Uganda.

Saracen is a Ugandan Security company which supplies Ugandas as guards in Iraq and Afhganistan.
Saracen currently has around 600 Ugandans guarding the US Embassy in Iraq.  You all know this is one of the biggest embassies in the world given the dangerous environment.  I had previously written that our young men work 12hrs a day in the cold or heat to guard the embassy while surrounded by terrorists. Salim Saleh owns Saracen.

Triple Canopy is an American company but registered in Uganda. This company also contracts to SOC LLC.  It has about 400 Ugandans in Iraq too.  This company is under the name of Rwabogo whom you all know.

Both companies do not allow the Ugandans to have their own bank accounts in US Dollars.  They must have Ugandan bank accounts OR else they are told to leave and return to Uganda.  You all know the level of unemployment in our country and this does not justify exploitation.

What is interesting is this.  You all know I do the Uganda shilling update daily (Mon - Fri).  This month when the Ugandans in both companies got their salary on Dec. 15, 2015, the contractors used the rate of sh.3200 on the dollar.  OMG, imagine the dollar has not fallen this much.  All my daily updates on the shilling are on the internet.

So let us do some maths here.  From the minor fluctuations, we will use 3350 as the average rate.  Then 1000 employees. Each paid $1000 a month.  So we are looking at Saleh and Rwabogo skimming off 150*1000*1000 = sh. 150,000,000 a month.  Who the bloody hell needs that much money?

Allow these young people to have US dollar accounts and collect their salaries in US dollars and then work with the exchange rate.  We already know you are not paying them the full $1500 a month each.

Dispute me, show us the contracts you signed with them.  Then show us the debits and credits into each of their accounts since they cannot talk to you.  WAKE UP UGANDA.  #MuseveniMustGo!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap
Ugandans must vote for anyone EXCEPT Museveni.  A leopard eats everything in sight

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