Sunday, December 27, 2015


Some Ugandans have sent me private messages that my frustration with healthcare in Uganda is because of my grief for my father. The late Daniel Nangalama.

When I was in P3, I had head surgery in Bududa Hospital. Before Dictator #Museveni. Fast forward, my father is retired and back to the village. He is in the same hospital in October 2000. There was no medicine. He died.

I just got off the phone with my sister.  Her husband was admitted in Nakasero Hospital paralyzed.  Two weeks. Count the cost.  We have a doctor in the family who moved him to Mulago for tests and surgery. He is home now and recovering well.

The phone call with my sister was something like "Makhame, Mulago was a nightmare. I saw people rotting.  There was no medicine and their families could not afford to pay".

I remebered my younger sister Lakeli in Mbale hospital after a car accident. Had flown home just in time.  She was rotting from her wounds.  I approached the surgwon at his private clinic for a talk.  Why is my sister rotting?  Reply..there is no medicine. So I said prescribe it and I will buy it. He did and I thanked him. Then gavw him a cheque for sh.50,000 drawn on my account at UCB in Mbale.  He never cashed it. When I asked him, his reply "you cared. That is enough". This doctor by the way cared for mzee till death.  He never charged for his work. Always only gave us prescriptions and we bought the medication. I have no idea how much money we spent on insulin. Sometimes not even in Uganda and we had to buy from Kenya.

I was still a student. When my research supervisor told me to go for the PhD and turn my Masters research project into a PhD thesis, it was a flat non. I needed $100 per day for mzee's medical care daily so I dropped out of school. He needed dialysis too.

Ugandans who praise Museveni have no idea of the destruction he has done in the country.  Is this intentional depopulation?
Wake up people!

Watch this video on and you will see. 

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap

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