Sunday, December 27, 2015



Since former prime minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi popularly known as JPAM, decided to run against #Museveni, NRM has never been the same. According to information obtained from a reliable source, SFC commanded by Muhoozi, has been busy trying to stop JPAM, including using lethal force. The plan was to arrest him before he left for London to attend to his wife who was admitted in the hospital, in UK, with tramped up charges among which was inciting violence. The plan fell flat on its face when Mbabazi left for UK the day before his arrest. The second plan now being put in motion is to get him assassinated while campaigning and blame the assassination on his supporters. The government has infiltrated JPAM's campaign and it has threaten some of his campaign officials to quit if they want to see another day. According to David Pulkol the head of Go Forward security and a former External  Security Organization ( ESO), has revealed a plan of assassinating the former prime minister. Kayihura working on orders from Museveni has arrested many of JPAM's security details personnel and many are being tortured in police stations around Kampala. One of the plans being considered to eliminate Mbabazi is to use paid youth to cause chaos at JPAM's rallies where a sniper or Crime Preventer would kill Mbabazi and the government would blame it on hooliganism and therefore suspend the elections. The second option is to kidnap and kill a few of Mbabazi's prominent supporters in order to scare off people from supporting Mbabazi's candidacy. Mbabazi is very much aware of Museveni's deadly practices of eliminating his political challengers. It is also known that EC chairman was ordered to allow registering more crime preventers and the exercise is on going. We therefore warn former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to be very vigilante while on his campaign tours. Museveni is dead serious of getting JPAM off the stage.

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