Thursday, December 31, 2015


Asuman Balaba

Museveni is working for his son, wife, other family members, relatives and a group of henchmen willing to worship him as their godfather at a cost of national development. It’s on those grounds that he will use all state agencies in cruel acts to sabotage true democratic process come 2016 general elections.
The current political environment in Uganda shows that Museveni and his group learnt nothing and forget nothing to what led to the downfall of the past regimes.

People can’t have bread; but Museveni and his group ridicule them to eat cakes. This is visible with deplorable public health services, were patient are asked to first meet medical bills before accessing treatment. And failure to pay, patient are left to die, later asked to meet mourchary expenses for dead body before it is released to the family members. 
Public servants complain of unfair pay and they are advised to rear goats, ride boda boda, parents struggle to educate, then graduates find it hell to get jobs, those with enterprising skills struggle with authority through unfriendly taxation.
Unfortunately, Museveni and his group seek medication abroad using state funds, meet by wanainchi through exorbitant taxations policies.
They involve in illegal activities rest assured of protection from Mr. above; hence creating classes of touchable and the untouchables.
Briefcase investors working for Museveni get tax holiday with access to infrastructures and borrowings from Museveni’s cartel of financial institutions who determines the profitable projects to fund.

Museveni and his Group have personalized national resources. They take-up well funded projects involving government foreign borrowings like roads, power generation, supply of logistics to various government agencies and they engage in corruption to fulfill personal desire. 
Remember government borrowings are paid back by nationals through taxation. And this affect personal resource envelope, since Museveni regime heavily tax nationals.
The regime exclusively applies laws to only those opposing their looting of national resources, to hoodwink the public that they are serious on fighting corruption.
Museveni and group are not ideal for national development. They can promise heaven on earth, but deliver nothing. They lied, killed through the barrel of guns to get power, with promises guided with the 10 point programme.
After 30 years in power, they still promise to keep Ugandans in poverty, distributing hoes to farmers and fake agricultural inputs with Xeroxed programmes like Bona bagagawale, NAADS, Youth venture capital, Youth livelihood programme, Operation wealth creation among others, without success stories, but just an avenue to embezzle national resources allocated to those projects in trillions.
Politics has been monetized to cartel democratic participation by the willing forces of change, who want to make Uganda work for all.
However, despite all those Museveni regime schemes, the wave of change by the willing forces will deliver Uganda to the promised land were national interest are fronted first before personal desires that have derailed development under Museveni rule.

Ugandan must take on the mantle to say enough is enough under Museveni misrule, by wholeheartedly mobilizing the masses to vote. It’s possible to end dictatorship through the coming general elections without bloodshed. 
Uganda will not fully be liberated, when some individuals think that its only Museveni to rule Uganda till death in the presence of 19 daily dying mothers while giving birth, corruption in broad day, unquestionable misappropriation of public funds, unexplainable statehouse daily over 300million spending, relegated local entrepreneurship to promote briefcase investors working for Museveni, peanut allocation to agricultural sector, worrying youth unemployment, among others.
Time is now to mobilize for votes, cast your vote on 18 February 2016, and protect that vote to deliver victory for Uganda that work for all.

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