Monday, December 28, 2015


BY KB (not Besigy)

What is more clear now is that Museveni is politically cornered. He has realised that his usual tricks of rigging through bribery, intimidation and ballot stuffing may not work for him this time around. The only option left for him is to unleash a fully blown violence against his challengers. He must be in the process of designing and stage managing a terror plot that he will link to the opposition. That way, Dr. Besigye's P10 group will be declared a terrorist organisation and consequently dismantled and outlawed. The youths who are currently being kidnapped and rounded up will be maximumly humiliated so as to deter others who intend to act in self defence against the regime excesses. Immediately after the 2015 festive season, violence is likely to escalate so that Museveni gets an excuse to publicly bring in the army. On the eve of the polling day, if it ever comes, Museveni will direct the Communication Commission (UCC) to disable all communication channels including the private radio and TV stations. Only the Police and army radio communication channels will be left intact to be used by the regime moreover it has already procured satellite phones for use by military and Police commanders.

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