Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Brian Kyeswa

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In my life there girls I have met and I got into relationship with, we were so compatible, we had good and admirable love, we had a lot of fun and we shared great moments. I prayed for our love to last forever and I thought we are inseparable. But guess what? Time came and we fell apart over small, daft and solvable issues.
Happiness turned into sadness, smiles turned into tears, promises turned into lies, "I love you(s)'' turned into "I hate you", sweet names like “my prince charming, honey pie, sweet pie, babe, bubu...” all turned into ugly names, sweet words turned into abuses, great moments turned into regrets and a great couple turned into strangers!
Honestly, it hurt me a lot back then and it scared me so much but it gave me lessons and it made me realize a lot of things. Among the things that I realized are:
1. There is nothing in this world that lasts forever. Whether it’s sweet love, friendship, or anything, they all come to an end at some point.
2. People change and things change. They never stay the same or maintain what they say or start with.
3. People never appreciate or get enough of what they have. They always want more and more. They are really hard to please.
4. People give up so fast. A small argument, misunderstanding, or rumor makes them give up easily. They never think twice, they never search for the truth; they never fight for what they had. They just let go without thinking twice.
5. People forget so fast. They are easily taken up by the excitement and love in the new found relationship. They forget what they had and what they have been through. They see it as shit or nothing because of the rough times encountered in it. They forget that the excitement in the new found love can also fade away and a relationship becomes a war zone at some point.
6. People aren't patient at all. They never want to start their relationship from scratch. They want already made things; already made pesos, already made good life and already established people. They think that's all it takes to have happy and endless love.
7. People aren't loyal and trustworthy. They disappoint a lot, they lie, and they pretend, they give empty promises, they fool around, they are never open enough and they waste a lot of our time.
There many others but those are the major ones. But what does that imply? We need to enjoy what we have to the fullest while we still have it because you never know what will happen tomorrow, we need to appreciate and be contented with what we have, we need to have strong hearts and be determined to finish what we start, we need not to be so excited and taken up so easily by new sugarcoated things and forget or throw away what we had or held on for so long, we need to be patient enough and constructive, we need to trust but not a 100%, we need to be careful with our fragile hearts and bodies, we need to learn to forgive and forget, we need to love but leave a room for disappointments, we need to be careful with the people (friends) we share our relationship secrets with, and lastly but not the least we need to commit everything to God and trust Him to lead us.
Think about it and act accordingly.
Lots of love,

© Symon

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