Thursday, December 31, 2015



It is now clear for all that have been defending this regime for not killing its citizens to wake up. We all saw Christopher Aine being arrested by policemen wearing black uniforms. Christopher Aine's name appeared on the list of suspects to be arraigned in Ntungamo Magistrate Court with other seven suspects but his name was scraped off the list and this was published by Daily Monitor. Why would a simple assault result in a bounty of 20 million shillings? Unless the case is up graded to a murder charge. What Kayihura forgets is that, they used to kill people and got away with it but now we have cameras everywhere and the citizens do not rely on the press that much for information. How come people who embezzle public funds by the billions, no bounty is ever  brought forward? Why do we have political parties and campaigns if the opposition is harassed and its members slaughtered? Does Museveni believe that political campaigns do not include opposition? Can you imagine how many people have lost their lives since 1972 in which #Museveni had a hand? If Museveni can kill while in power, how many did he kill while seeking power? We are better than that Kayihura and you guys thought that by beating the press into self censorship, you will get away with everything. Social media is a nightmare for dictators.

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