Wednesday, December 23, 2015



This is part of Amnesty International Report on Obote's government in 1984. It is s mirror image of Museveni's regime. In 1984, amnesty international was concerned about the wide ranging detention without trial of alleged opponents of the government. Several hundred were detained unlawfully by authorities under the Public Order and Security Act ( POSA) and in many cases without full observance of their legal rights. Many others were detained by military authorities and reportedly tortured. Some reportedly disappeared or killed while in police custody. Amnesty International also received reports of raiding opposition members homes and offices rounding up many civilians and family members with court warrant. (Amnesty International Report on Uganda Government 1984). Museveni has been praised as the only visionary leader who brought peace and calmness to Uganda. If Museveni called Obote a dictator, what makes him any different from Obote going by what Amnesty International report of 1984 observed? Obote used the military and police to round up opposition members and anyone found at their homes and recently, we just witnessed Museveni doing the exact same thing with JPAM. Obote used Public Order and Security Act and Museveni is using Public Order Management Bill ( POMB). Some may argue that POMB, was a brain child invention of JPAM, therefore JPAM was a failure and that is why Museveni fired him. If JPAM was a failure, why is the government still uses POMB, to arrest people? You may expect that the government would immediately get rid of POMB, but it is very vital in arresting innocent opposition supporters. Can you have your cake and then eat it too? The word DICTATOR fits Museveni.

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