Wednesday, December 30, 2015



We have all heard of 17 victims that drowned in lake Victoria the day after Christmas or boxing day as it is commonly known in Uganda. A closer look at the dead man's body wearing briefs seems to have a bruised forehead most likely caused by a blunt object. The victim seems to have what appears to be blood coming from the nose, and around the eyes and around his chest. Such injuries may occur if a victim dived in a shallow end of the lake, which was not the case. Since the victim believed to have drowned you may think that the victim went into the lake voluntarily and therefore he removed his clothing. The police did not recover the clothing that the victim left behind. Further analysis of the body's position, it seems that it was carefully laid down with one of the hand resting near the chest as if the victim was asleep. The victims briefs shows no sign of being pulled down his waist as you may expect someone fighting for his life in water. The more the victim fights to stay alive the more his clothes would come off the body. Was this victim's body carefully laid down and someone took the picture not knowing that they were implicating themselves in the murder? How did the police know the victim's next of kin in order to have such a quick family notification? Did the victims pictures advertised on TV so that the family members were able to identify their loved ones right away? Museveni has desensitized Ugandans of death that the death of 17 people dying all at once, people are not shocked because they expect it to happen.

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