Monday, December 28, 2015


Asuman Balaba Facebook Post

They lied and killed through barrel of guns to capture power with promises of fundamental change not a mere change of guards, but to-date, Ugandans have been held in misrule for 30years. Visible with dictatorial acts of;
- Brutality to political oppositions, 
-land grabbing by a group of thugs with state protection, 
-deplorable health services with rising rates of dying mothers while giving birth at 19 per day,
- Rising Youth unemployment at over 80%, hence reducing youth to beggars for M7 brown envelopes,
-M7 dine with the corrupt for political patronage,
- monetized politics to kill able democratic participation, 
-Sabotaged local entrepreneurship by promoting briefcase investors serving and protecting M7s pakalast ruler.
-Window shopped national resources to a group of friends, tribes mate, family and relatives,
-Robbed national treasurery with unexplainable statehouse expenditure valued at over 300million daily.
-Killed agricultural activities with fake programmes like Bona Bagagawale, NAADS, now operation wealth creation, with nightmares of distributing hoes to 6million farmers with fake inputs,
-Embraced divide and rule to meet M7s political goals at a cost of wanainchi disunity, a retardation of national development, among others.

The struggle to truly liberate Uganda is not a one man obligation or participating politician alone; this is a national call to all Ugandan.
Voting is a process which needs total participation in mobilizing, funding, casting the vote and protecting it.
M7s regime is ready to involve in cruel acts to discourage people power to take effect, using Kayihura and other military henchmen without Uganda at heart. 
As the campaign season gains momentum, more arrests, kidnaps, intimidation, killings, sabotage extra will rain on the opposing forces ready and vying to end M7s 30 years rule.
But all those will not cripple people’s power to deliver victory come voting date 18th February 2016.
All forced must mobilize at various levels to counter M7 and his henchmen ground cruel acts aimed at sabotaging elections.
Voting M7 and his Regime is a ticket to live a regrettable life with generations to come.
M7 as CEO of the Republic of Uganda for 30years has increased Uganda’s debt burden from 3billion in 1990 to over 15trillion with expected additional 4.5trillion in the next 2015/2016 financial Budget.
The education system under M7 rule has deteriorated with thousands of graduates looming streets.
Since M7, the CEO of Uganda for 30years, only gamble without focus to reduce corruption, improve health services, rule by law not embrace rule of law, plunger national treasurery for selfish desire, then time is now for Ugandans to jointly end the regime, by voting leaders who desire a Uganda that work for everyone, not a group of criminals and selfish individuals.
Lastly, after voting, wholeheartedly protect your vote to deliver victory for true leadership where generations will desire to leave.

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