Saturday, December 26, 2015



Museveni is well known for using people and later on dumping them after achieving his desired goals. After being used, you become garbage and you belong to the dumpster if you are lucky to stay alive. He used different groups to attain power. He recruited many young refugee youths to start his war and moved his fight to Luwero where the majority of his fighters were from the central region. Now we all know Luwero is considered a Mecca of poverty. He has constantly used Bakiga to fight his wars and many of them have lost their lives. While discussing with Clinton on her visit to Uganda regarding man power for Somalia, Museveni told her that he had unlimited manpower and all he had to do was to mobilize one million Bakiga boys and train them and they would soon be sent to Somalia. Like many other Ugandans, Bakigas were led to believe that it was their time to lead but as they found out like many other groups that Museveni has been using them, it did not go well with them and one by one they started to speak out. Very few Bakiga in Museveni's regime have significant positions, if any in his government. Many have deserted him after realising that after 30 years, it's time to join the rest of fellow Ugandans to fight for our nation. A small group of Bahima people have used the majorities to cling onto power for 30 years and counting. Kizza Besugye, Amama Mbabazi, Miria Matembe and many more have decided to join the rest of the country for change and yes Museveni is going. Are you ready?

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