Sunday, November 22, 2015


I have just completed analyzing the election promises from 3 presidential candidates in Uganda for the up coming elections in 2016.

Dr. Besigye, FDC makes a lot of sense. I did some number crunching and he is so very right.

Amama Mbabazi hit with a good one. OMG, this man is #Museveni's worst nightmare.  Nothing in JPAM's manisfesto is impossible. So glad this man is in opposition. Burn M7. Burn Jarukanga.

Museveni is going to fly Ugandans to the moon.  Uganda Airlines could not do it so he will use his private jet. Wait, wait.  He will start with improving health care. Took him 30yrs. Then education. Maybe he dislikes how his 75% population use FBzero. He will improve roads..took him only 30yrs to realise that not all roads lead to Kigezi.  He will give free pads to young girls. Wanji?  He will give 3 hoes to each family.  Get outta here, is it not his government that put taxes on the bloody hoes?  He will increase pay for everyone. Kale, we are waiting.  He will make Uganda a middle class economy by 2015.  Oh dear Jesus, please save me from the things I am about to say.

Neera neera tubonge nawe.

Watch "Museveni being praised by Ugandan Musicians" on YouTube -

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