Saturday, November 28, 2015


I shared this story as soon as I got it. Thank goodness now it is in the media. For as long as Dictator #Museveni Jarukanga and his "Chemical Ali" #Kayihura arrest and kidnap oposition supporters, I will make them famous globally.  Some things are worth dying for.  Ugandans did not ask anyone to go to the bush and return to rule them fascist style.

Gulu- Independent presidential candidate, Mr Amama Mbabazi’s supporter was on Tuesday reportedly beaten up in Gulu by a group of people believed to be from the ruling NRM party.

Mr Ivan Okello, 23, who sustained injuries on his back, alleges that he was beaten by NRM supporters who waylaid him as he rode his motorcycle to Kaunda Grounds, the venue for the campaign rally of Mr Amama Mbabazi, the Go Forward Presidential candidate, on Tuesday.

Mr Okello, who was donning Mbabazi’s posters while he pinned the rest on his motorcycle, was accused of supporting him. 
“I was beaten by the NRM guys who accused me of putting posters of Mr Mbabazi on my motorcycle and supporting him,” he told Mbabazi supporters at the rally.

He added that they used big sticks to hit him, while others dragged him on the rough road.

Gulu Resident District Commissioner Santo Okot Lapolo, condemned the act, adding that victims involved in human rights abuses should report to law authorities instead of going to politicians.

When contacted yesterday, the Officer in Charge Gulu Central Police Station James Asubu, told Daily Monitor that the police had not yet received any report on the matter.

“May be in the course of the day, the victim will come to police to report the case, but as of now we have not received any case,”

He, however, encouraged people who have been assaulted in any way to report to police, so that investigations take place and justice is administered.

Mr Mbabazi warned NRM supporters against intimidating his supporters, adding that NRM is running short of ideas and has resorted to using violent means.

“It is high time we play mature politics, democracy is about competition of ideas and proposing alternative policies to run the country not muscle power” he noted.

“I can’t understand why this government (NRM) that claims to be democratic in this century fears competition. I learnt that our supporters were arrested while others were injured during attacks. This is not the NRM I was once part of”, Mr Mbabazi said.

Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao said they are documenting all cases of human rights abuses and will forward them to the relevant authorities at an appropriate time.

Legal help available
Mr Amama Mbabazi said he had lined up 500 lawyers who will help in legal issues and the matter would be forwarded to the human rights authorities to see that justice is achieved.

Uganda Peoples Congress party president, Mr Olara Otunnu, appealed to the people of northern Uganda not to lose hope, predicting that the desired change was knocking at their door.
On Tuesday afternoon, NRM party supporters camped at the Kampala- Gulu highway carrying placards that denounced Mr Mbabazi.

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