Saturday, November 21, 2015


Sent by Adam Luzindana Buyinza.
Estimable Friend, I have joined the new energies in town & I hope to play my part in shaping the decade of transition for our Nation.
My decision to join the Rt. Hon. Amama
Mbabazi & all those seeking a peaceful
transition in Uganda is not merely instructed by the powerful evidence of bribery, intimidation & widespread rigging that punctuated the recently concluded NRM party primaries,...
My decision isn't instructed by the cheap intention to seek attention: I know some will whisper " Aballa is aggrieved" or "..frustrated..", perhaps they are wrong, but even though they are right,  I have embarked on a new course..
My decision isn't instructed either by the perception that somehow the NRM betrayed an entire region or by the fact that some in the leadership took for granted the question of Karamoja.
Many well wishers of Karamoja had hoped that since Atwoko and Obua emerged from Lango, Kidega from Acholi whereas Anite & late Obedmoth hail from the West Nile, this
time round the leadership would have allowed a fair playing field in which even the less privileged could compete favorably...may be
Robinah could have emerged as Flag bearer for National Female Youth MP,..
As for me, I have never emerged victorious in any NRM primaries, but more importantly, I
have gone on to win every other general
election in which my name appeared on the ballot....
...& so,
I have chosen this new path well aware of my personal history & the possibilities that await the family of Uganda when we honor destiny's call for a peaceful transition in a country shacked by an ugly political past.
Like Amama Mbabazi & the coalition he now represents, I believe in the restoration of the 'rule of law' as opposed to the present 'rule by the law', I believe that Uganda can in fact work for all her citizens; irrespective of status & station.
I believe in formal government in which institutions are superior to the individual, & I believe too that "..whoever you are & wherever you are, you deserve to get ahead provided you can meet your own responsibilities as a citizen; that government should provide the tools necessary for ALL her citizens to make the most of their talents.
I know there are many well intentioned folks within the NRM, most of them without real authority...some of them have been my
mentors & for that I will eternally remain convictions are no longer in step with the current direction, but our friendships & the debts I owe for the years of guidance will stay the hand of time..
                       Aballa Richard

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