Sunday, November 29, 2015


His Holiness was a joy to receive in our country.  You see, Uganda is a land full of suffering.  His presence gave people hope and uplifted us.  Enough with the sweetness.

The original cost was told to us as sh. 5 billion.  Of course we have no idea what the end cost of this trip has been to the Ugandan tax payers.  Some of us would have preferred that the money get used to put medicine in our hospitals, pay our civil servants, put equipment in hospitals, repair roads, use for small projects for employment for the 10 million unemployed youth.

Oh, but do not mind this.  Here is a video to show you the Military (Security, Peace) prowess.  And then look at the images from our hospitals.  AND you think the biggest need was a Pope?  May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit visit Uganda and remove this Dictator who has no love or compassion for the suffering Ugandans.  YEAH, I SAID IT.  BECAUSE I CAN.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Bududa District, where our hospital has no water, electricity or medicine.

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