Sunday, November 29, 2015


Some of these kids talk to us like we are idiots. Why do you let them do this? 

I did some research on Budweiser. A beer company in USA and Canada.

People would go to a bar. The waiter asks "what would you like?". Customers would answer "anything but a Bud".

Over marketing the politicians will backfire.  Right now I feel like "anything but Mbabazi".

Martha Leah Nangalama

The mobilizers in the whatsap groups are becoming annoying. I keep leaving the groups but they keep adding me back.  These kids do not know about marketing.  They are hurting your campaigns.
[29/11 7:19 am] ‪+256 776 956756‬: POLITICAL ANALYISIS AT NAMUGONGO.

Sevo gets very cold reception and JPAM gets very warm reception. After mass, Sevos just took off in his black tintet motorcade while JPAM  was being stopped in intervals due to too much excitement of his  supporters.

What does this political leverage mean?

Does this mean that now Muzeeyis political career is 6 feet down?

If it is political boxing, Does it mean that H. E Amama has K (O)?  Unbeaten run.


Aactually they slumberd. Gen. Kayihura forgot to ferry Crime preventors to the venue and this meant that the audience was super and clean without corruption.

Does this certify that Sevo doesn't have supporters at grassroots?

Yes, it is possible! This Namugongo game exposed them bse 80% of the audience was rural based.

What is going to be Sevos reaction???!
Any time, a reshuffle is coming bse this can be equated to exposing the nudity of a monkey.

Does this give JPAM a Gold medal?
Yes, this man will be remembered in political history of the world  for the changing the political landscape of a country in just less than 3months. This has never happened in the world.

Research team,
NRM poor youth.
[29/11 7:28 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Oh Denis I feel like beating the S out of you. Do you people get paid by the posts?  You get so silly it is shocking.  Why can you not state key things without over juicing?  It is very annoying. We are not idiots.
[29/11 7:30 am] ‪+256 776 956756‬: Haha. Martha take it easy. Dennis is just emotional. We all are
[29/11 7:35 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Denis, the worst part about it is it is not your writing style.
[29/11 7:35 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: It sounds like Ben
[29/11 7:36 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: And I have warned him about this.

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