Saturday, November 21, 2015


Any job which is not customer facing can be relocated anywhere in the world.  One of my long time jobs was Job Migration. Moving jobs from a high cost region to a low cost region.  The company saves on rent and lease in a big city and also high salaries. The jobs move to a place with low rent and lower salaries.  This would be great for Uganda. To suck in jobs from Europe. Only problem is Umeme is unreliable. You also need an infrastructure. Fibre optic networks. Communication must be super fast.  We are talking about servicing customers of a country in Europe. And here let me concentrate on Europe.  English is the International language of commerce and navigation. So you need a population that is fluent in it.  You also need fast critical thinkers. This is an issue with Uganda. Our graduates refuse to write proper English and cannot articulate. Most of these jobs require good communication. Ugandans buy MBs to abuse people on Social Media. This trend must stop. They should use the MBs to read on Google.  They should use Social Media to make useful connections. They should read more than a sentence of an article. Not many companies will being jobs to Uganda where they could save money. The risks are too high.  So jobs are moving to Asia and South America where people are better educated and more disciplined.

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Martha Leah Nangalama

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