Saturday, November 28, 2015


I thank you for being my friend, family and inspiration all these years.

I  join many young people of my age to find  reason to be grateful and delighted  to the divine for being one of the many in this generation.

Yet even in our delight our days present greater challenges than ever in our history. Unemployment, poverty ,disease and times without number we have  seen injustice flourish,  corruption merry and inequality blossom before our eyes . Bearing witness to the fact that the trivialisation of evil is exactly what happens when we do away with the moral point of reference and the sacred definition of human essence.

And yet in our struggles this we know that behind the dim unknown stands destiny within the shadows keeping watch above our course.

History will never be kind to those that twist the laws of  our land in their favour. For truth unbeautified is unattractive but can be defended. 

As young people we need to forage within ourselves for a  cause , a purpose greater than ourselves, a dream  that will transcend time to eternity;  that we shall leave a greater trail in history . Generations to come need to find value and purpose  in our struggle. A trail NOT  of Strongmen or  women,  but a people selfless, relentless and resolved in consciousness to see Uganda great among many nations.

As We stand at our latter greater,  Let us define where we have come from? who we are? What we stand for?  That we will not be lost in the tides of integrations, federations and globalization.

I call on all the young people of our day to have faith unshaken,  and dream of a nation where the laws of our land will work impartially,  where justice will be accorded to all indiscriminately,  where eco social equality, respect, love and freedom will flourish without restraint.

Holding on to this dream is not a course we should  procrastinate  for tomorrow but uphold today, whether we have the strength or means is immaterial for we have the WILL to see Uganda rise against the odds.

A new dawn to  dream has come, hasn't it? Join  in to dream for a new Uganda.  

For God and our country.
Raymond musiima akiiki

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