Friday, November 20, 2015

Dictator #Museveni works for his family. Not #Uganda. By Span

Museveni should stop hiding his Sectarianism, Nepotism, and Tribalism because not all of us are fools. He was caught on NTV point blank when he said that he was not working for other people but working for his children and grandchildren. His wife asked the people to vote for her husband for the last time because her grand children are still young as if in five years they will be twenty something. When he was asked by the press while in Northern Uganda that he has been in power for 30 years and when is going to call it quits, he said that if his people said they dont want him he will go back to do what he does best and that is looking after his cows. We all know what type of people that want him to stay especially most Bahima and a few that are enjoying the loot and pillaging the country, the likes of Jim Muhwezi and the Tubonge nawe group who expect to get the left overs. Majorities of the population want you to go and in fact voted you out twice for Dr. Kizza Besigye and even the court ruled that the elections were not free and fair but the rigging was not big enough to over turn the out come whatever that means. The type of people that dont want you to go are those that say you brought them from far. Going by what you said, that you are only working for your children and grand children, then what other group of people truly want you around? Ugandans have been fooled so many times by Jarukanga and unfortunately he is at it again fooling the people of Northern Uganda the people he tried very hard to terminate from the face of the earth.  Most of your family members are employed by your government including some well known uneducated members of your family that one wonders how on earth that person got that job. These are the people that dont want you to go and the majorities of us must force you to go. After 30 years you have failed to state that we have completed this and that but you still telling us that you want to complete this and that. Be warned, because you may not get a chance to look after your cows. Now the floor is yours to call Span the evil tribalistic fellow.

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