Saturday, November 21, 2015


More about Dan Nangalama. This is a conversation with one of my friends in UK who posted some information about KB in Bududa.
[21/11 9:07 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Moses.  I Had flown home. I usually rent a car with a driver. We were in a school distributing school supplies. I saw from a window a crowd of people carrying someone and rushing to the hospital.  I told my kid and husband to jump into the car. We rushed to the hospital and I blew in to see who had just been brought in. It was mzee.  His pressure was elevated. I had a lot of money on me and went looking for the doctor. Reply "Leah we have no medicine". So I pounced on him. "I have a car at the gate. Let me take him to Mbale".  Reply "He is too fragile and the road is bad. I cannot let you take him and he dies with you".  Ran back to dad and told him I was gonna get Lois to bring an ambulance.  Father looked at me and said "Mayi Leah. Naramile khuwuzu inzya khufa. Nenga ukhebilala ingo tta. Khuli khubonabona".  Ran into the car whisking Thierry and Rebecca off to Mbale. The driver knew my urgency.  Got to Mbale and called Lois and Dr. Masaba (dad's doctor).  Lois and her husband dispatched a private ambulance. All was good.  I settled Thierry and Rebecca in the resort. But something was not right. I could not sleep.  I stayed up. At 4:00am a star fell out of the sky. At 5:00am my brother Wanga called me. I answered the phone "Dad died an hour ago". His reply "how did you know?".  So I rushed family back to Kampala. I knew the funeral arrangements would be hard.  We had to make announcements to his colleagues in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  EAC.  I was supposed to be in Toronto at work in 2 days. The elders wanted more days to allow people to travel. And most especially his daughter from Canada.  My sister and I look like perfect twins so they did not know I was home already.  Back in Bududa. I rushed to the post office and sent a fax to my boss saying I might not show up for work. Back when village post offices used to work.  Dad was one of the pioneers for the post system and had taught us to make calls and send faxes.  I burried my father with a broken spirit.  Not because of him dying but because of the bastardization of healthcare and infrastructure. 
I do not hate Museveni. Why would I?
[21/11 9:08 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Not only that. I dropped out of school to get a job because he needed dialysis which was then private so I needed money.
I was also pregnant with Natasha on that trip. No wonder she came out at 7mths gestation.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Born and raised in Bududa
Now in Moncton, Canada

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