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In case you did not know. You can turn off notifications from all your friends's posts and comments without blocking them.  I have many friends around the globe but since 2013 I have been posting and sharing for Uganda.  Some of my global friends get over whelmed with notifications.  Please read below how you can control what you get. The easiest thing is to click on the Friend and click unfollow.

The person will still remain your friend and you can check in at your convenience to see what they are posting and then comment only when you need to do so.
Unfollowing a person or a page helps you to minimize the notifications.  Some of us post a lot because we are onto something OR a country or dealing with people that need constant information.  You do not have to get a notification of every post, read it or respond to it.  Turn off notifications for the friends you know are working in a sphere of circumference that is not in your area.

I will use myself as an example.  I have friends from UWC schools, Trent University, University of Toronto and colleagues from work.  They do not read everything I post and hence do not have to reply or comment unless they happen upon something that catches their eye and they have to say something.

Uganda is a different animal. Far too many feel that they have to read everything and respond to it.  This is a global village.  You might find yourself responding to something that has nothing to do with you.  Please be discreet.  If somethiing makes no sense to you, chances are that it was not meant for you but for some other people that you may not even know about.  It is rather hard to segregate friends by origin or country and if we all did it, we would not run into ambiguation or discombobulation.  The safe thing to do is if you do not understand it, skip it because someone else out there understands it.

Social media is in its infancy (you think I am joking, non I am not).  At one point in time we will have a selection for 'what country or region'.  This is already available by the way for Ads where you can specify the region of your target market, the target population, .  Then we will specify on the posts which region or country.  For now, it is Public or Friends.  I make my posts public because I have no choice yet to specify which region or country the post is directed to.

This also is where discretion comes in.  Adding people to your Face Book page without asking them about it is not hot.  For example, I get added to music groups that I know nothing about. I get tagged in "stars" in Uganda and I do not even know these people.  No Canadian even adds me to Canadian groups or tags me in Canadian Music and I have spent more years in Canada than #Uganda.  Imagine being tagged on a post for Cindy or Fabiola in Uganda. I do not even know them.  So I am then forced to read up on them.  Please people, cut this out. Learn to use Social Media (Face Book) to your advantage of using it to your detriment. People will block you because of a silly mistake.  I no longer block people but I know many who do so.

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