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Since 1962 when #Uganda got its independence, not once have we had a peaceful hand over of power.  My main concern this time around is the fact that I see the same patterns from the past.  When Obote was ridden away, his supporters were hunted like dogs.  When Amin was chased away, his supporters were hunted like dogs. Surely, it is now nearly 30yrs of Museveni and some people feel like it will last forever.  Nothing lasts forever.  So you and I know that his supporters will also be hunted like wild animals and believe me, this time it will be worse because of all the suffering of bringing our country to the knees.

I would like to caution everyone who cares to remember that not everyone from Western Uganda has been in "tuli mukintu".  However, far too many have benefited off the backs of Ugandan Tax payers. In 2013, I read an article where one elder from Nyankole appealed to Uganda that they were not all benefitting and the people who attacked him were not really thinking.

I personally have many great friends from Western Uganda whom I can testify that they never took our money, land or anything else.  When Uganda wakes up and chooses another leader, I hope that the country will not purge people.  Not everyone from Western Uganda caused our pain.  The people who caused our pain are very well known so it is crucial that we do not hunt everyone down.  I am talking about the future because the current turmoil in Uganda speaks to the fact that there is an imminent change.

I must also address the land grabbing.  Every plot or acre that anyone got (investor or otherwise) will be traced back to the original owner.  I may not be a known voice in Uganda but some of you now know that I am okay with Information Research.  Incidentally, all the professionals who will haul you into the courts are among you.  Make no mistake, whatever was taken illegally will be returned to the people.  Using threats of NRM will not work anymore, the country is awake.  WORSE still, you exported some of your own brains who studied law and know the International Laws.

All the money which was borrowed for Uganda shall be paid.  When Dr. Besigye talked about the fact that we might not have to pay back some money since there was no proof that the money was used for the people, hardly any of you paid attention.  He was right.  We shall not be obligated to pay any money which did not go into the projects that it was supposed to go into.  This is a problem for the lenders.  If you lend money that you cannot trace, then how shall you meet us in International Courts and claim it?  This is also a problem for anyone and everyone who participated in making that money disappear without helping the Ugandans.  Any lender who is so foolish as to lend money without accountability will lose.

We have many families and clans with traditional land ownership or they purchased the lands in the 60s and 70s and suddenly they have gotten kicked off their lands by some investors who got land titles in 2000 or 2015. These investors will lose every penny because our laws will prevail.  I know of families which have traditionally owned their lands for decades and lost their lands.  I know of even some families who purchased land in the 60s but lost it in 2013, 2014, 2015 to some investors who got titles for the lands.  Did you know that traditionally Uganda did not really issue land titles?  The way we traced ownership of lands was by going to our villages, engaging our elders and chiefs to demarcate the lands which belonged to which clan or which family.  Perhaps this is the biggest mistake that Uganda has made.  To think that the owners of the lands had no titles.  Which titles?  The chiefs and elders on each village knew the owner of each piece of land.  So let us play a game. I am in Kabembe.  My grandparents and grand parents and great grand parents always had this land.  Suddenly an army shows up and uses tear gas and bullets and kicks us off the land with a piece of paper which was recently registered.  The question then becomes, if you owned that land for decades, how come your land registration is recent and we have been living on your land for some 30yrs?

If you read any of my other posts for #Uganda, the land issue is going to bring this government down whether you like it or not.  You have taken away the only last thing that Ugandans had and reduced Ugandans to squatters and slaves.  The consequences will be immense.  Karma is a bitch and wears stilettos before she comes to kick your butt.

One last thing.  I was born and raised in Bududa District.  That regional hospital has no running water. The road from Bududa is so bad that when my father was dying and I had a car to take him to Mbale where his doctor was waiting for him, we were not allowed to take him out.  The road was horrible and the attending doctor did not want me to live with the pain of my father dying in the car with me.  So father died in that hospital which was one of Obote and Amin's pride (I had head surgery there as a kid).  In 2000, they had no medicine for high blood pressure.  These days, that hospital is a death camp.  They do not even have electricity or water.  I can even show you images from it which I got when they got the landslides for which the world donated far too much money and only in 2014 I learned that the minister in charge managed to make sh. 8 billion disappear and he is still in parliament.

I miss my father very much because I know that Uganda let him down. He had served diligently.

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