Sunday, May 31, 2015


I have watched many diss Besigye on all social media. I have also watched the ones who think highly of him. IF you read some of the things that people say about him OR even what the pro NRM people say about him, you stop and want to know more about this man. Can you imagine that you cannot go and buy food for your family without being accosted? Can you also imagine that wherever he goes, crowds show up (not his making) and then he gets arrested violently for inciting disorbedience. HOW? I have never understood how our Military Police can justify one man not being able to go into a super market to buy food. In fact, last week, I had a dream of walking into a Nakumat store to buy food. He came in. Suddenly, there were military everywhere. The good thing to the dream was Besigye paid for my groceries. My biggest worry is that kawala threatening him with death. You know who. The woman who slapped one body guard and then now told us all "Besigye is lucky that we did not shoot him dead". May have been a joke but we got the message. So incidentally, this might be the time that I ask all the Ugandans who love Besigye to do everything and anything to protect his life. Kizza Besigye. I am not psychic. I do situation analysis. The main reason why Besigye has not been killed is because it would incite the biggest rebellion in the Great Lakes Region. I assure you that each time he is brutally arrested only serves to infuriate the people. IF they can do this to one of their own who went into the bush with them, imagine what they will do to us commoners. UGANDA makes a very big mistake to brutalize Besigye and Lukwago. BIG mistake. You will remember my words in the future. Not too far now, if you continue to terrorize Besigye, you will see the people rise up with no mercy.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
For God and My Country
All social media leads to mlnangalama and +1-506-871-6371

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