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I posted some key issues and requested others to add the issues which concern us which I did not mention.  The replies so far are real.  Ugandans are speaking about the issues which affect our daily lives and when the people who make decisions ignore such things, they dig a hole for themselves.  I thank all the friends who responded.  I will keep editing this piece with all the comments that come in but so far, this is what we have.  By the way, you do know that anything you say on Face Book is reflected on the internet. If you want me to delete any comment you made, please inbox me or text / whatsapp and I will remove your comment.  The sooner you do it, the better. I am aware of the dangers for speaking out so believe me, I will remove whatever you say.  So many of us know that our lives are under a microscope so I beg you to comment very carefully or read and not Like or Comment.  Safety is paramount.  Thanks for your support and understanding.

So much is happening in The Great Lakes Region that we seem to have stopped talking about some key issues for ‪#‎Uganda‬.
1) Sam Mugumya and three of his friends are still missing.
2) There are still 4 Muslim Clerics missing.
3) There are 30+ Ugandans awaiting execution in China.
4) The mother kits which the FDC women are working on.
5) The Kagezi murder where all the suspects were released.
6) KCCA brutality.
7) The murderers of David Ojok.
8) The cutting back of school time to half a day.
9) Add your own.
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