Saturday, May 30, 2015


Over the last few months, I have received many messages from Uganda thanking me for what I do. Incidentally, many also told me that they worry about my safety.  I would like to thank you for reading the information I share and for worrying about my safety.

You see, Uganda is going through a very hard time.  Our freedom of speech has been uswarped.  Our freedom to assemble is no more without permission.  In 2013 while most Ugandans were awaiting the Mini Skirt Bill and Anti-Gay Bill, they did not pay attention to the Public Order Management Bill (POMB).  One of my friends in USA and I tried to warn our people to pay attention.  Few paid attention.  Then it was open field on women wearing short clothes.  In fact we have the videos and pictures of women being undressed in public.  Another war followed afterwards of Kill The Gays.  All this while, people did not realise that the POMB was the real thing.  On the day that the anti-gay bill was signed, NRM announced something that few paid attention to.  The Opposition will never win an election in Uganda until after 2056.  All the dailies in Uganda killed off their articles about this but Kenya and other international media still carry the story.

When you ask me if I am afraid for my life because of what I post and share, I have to tell you the truth.  I am afraid.  But not to the level that you fear.  Freedom of Speech is ingrained in our constitution no matter how much you bastardize the constitution. It is rather sad that you took away Freedom of Assembly.  This POMB is why Dr. Besigye and Lord Mayor Lukwago get arrested or put under House Arrest.  It is the same law which gets Ingrid Turinamwe arrested and jailed.  With such key leaders in Uganda fighting for your freedom, who am I to be worried about?  I live in Canada and you need solid proof of a crime to get me arrested by Interpol.  Very much like Australia has not arrested Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi.  Your laws which you trample over any time you want do not really work in other countries.  Interpol in other countries need solid evidence before you pick any of us up.  So please, sit back and relax.  Talking about Uganda and sharing the news from Uganda is not a crime, not even in Uganda.  Were it to be, I would be in jail.  You all know that I share news from your own media sources.  What I share which is not in Uganda always has a link to the international source for the article.  I do write yes, but I write from life experience and no one has ever disputed what I personally write. One has to be courageous to share some of my life experiences because my life has been shaped by much suffering and love. Love Heals.

Not once in my life have I been threatened by the government of Uganda and I will go on record to repeat this.  However, I have been threatened by some people who claim to work for the government of Uganda. Which is rather bad for them because they do get exposed and their payers find out who they are by the attacks they throw at me. Every threat is shared globally.  The Ugandan government said very clearly that Nebandah was not killed by the government.  Imagine how intelligent you look when you post or comment "Martha, we are going to get you Nebandah style, RIP".  Or imagine when you think that Whatsap is exclusive to you and tell me "you think you can hide in Canada but we will find you and kill you".  I am the type who keeps all communication and files it.  You can take away my laptop but my information is not even stored on it.  Stop being against the Ugandan government and if you do work for the Ugandan government and have been assigned to threaten me or kill me, good luck with that because then I know you are a low level nothing.  Until I get a message from the IGP or ISO, I will just make fun of you and expose your threats.

On the aspect of journalists in Uganda being harassed and even being beat up, I can only say one thing. Journalists are the reason we have some semblance of freedom and democracy.  Whether paid or not, attacking them is tantamount to treason even under the Ugandan laws.  You would also be making a very big mistake to ignore the fact that anyone in the audience can now shoot videos and make them go viral on the social networks to expose your brutality.  Whatever you do, keep off from the journalists.  The public will tell and show what you did and these images and videos will be used against you later in your career and also in your dealings with any other job you take away from policing.  The world has a memory. Never forget this.

Am I FDC or UPC or DP? Nope. I am a liberal and will be voting for Justin Trudeau this October 2015. However, being of Ugandan origin, it is only for My God and My Country that I read, learn and share with Uganda what is going on in the country.  If my informing and educating is a crime, then charge me in an a Court of Law or forever remain silent.

I am careful about my safety and the safety of my family members.  However, it is you who should be careful when you threaten me and my family as we have not done anything wrong to you or Uganda but you do much to threaten anyone and everyone who dares to talk about corruption, bad education, lack of medicine, flooding in Kampala on rainy days, impassable roads up country, high unemployment, land grabbing, etc.. You are the enemies to the country.  Even President Museveni now sees right through you.  Praising him without telling what our problems are is treason.  His goals for Uganda were big in 1986 but some of you chose to sleep and praise him without telling him what the real problems of your communities are.  You hence naturally showed him that you were not interested in the good of the country sauf your stomachs.  He is very smart and he knows you.  You just do not know him.

We have other issues with security, killings, vanishing people, missing money, wars, terrorism, etc...  YOU make a very big mistake when you praise him when these things are ongoing because then he knows who the real enemy of Uganda is.  You are the enemy.  You prove it time and time again.  Praising where you should criticize and say what is wrong is what the yea sayers do.  When all is done and finished, think about this. How much money do you have in an off shore bank account to run into exile and live in exile.  Nothing lasts forever.  There will be a government change and those of you who have gone on International Forums to threaten people and claim that you love Uganda will be the ones sent off into oblivion.

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District, no water, no electricity, keep telling the president all is okay)
I once cried when I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet...ancient Persian proverb.

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