Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 Useless Secondary Education (U.S.E). Instade of blaming me, blame Dictator Mu7 who imitated what FDC Inishated. Some schools in uganda strungle 2 get division two (D.2) in UNEB. In my former primary school, since mu7 came into power, no pupil has ever got less than 20 agregates. Last year, out of 97 pupils who sat PLE only 3 got division 2 (D.2), others were in D.3, D.4 & U. If you studied in Town or in a private school then u are luky. So, do not blame any ugandan with rwong speling & broken English becouse it's not our wish, blame mu7 for coping FDC manfestor. NOTE_" DO NOT IMITATE WHAT OTHERS INISHATE " . Thats b'se you can not manage it, unless you ask the inishater how 2 mamage it. >> FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY <<.
I watched far too many people attack this gentleman for this post. I had liked his post the minute it hit our page We Speak For The Nation (Uganda).  Then I had to read all the comments on it as education is my passion.   The saddest part was reading some people tell him that it is his brain or his parents not putting him in a private school in Uganda.  I got a bit livid and banned some people off the page and paid a price for it.  Who among you can pretend that the current education system in Uganda is perfect and it is the parents who fail by not putting their kids in private expensive schools? If you read the thread, you will also realise that some even claim that UPE and USE worked out perfectly for them.  I had to bite my tongue a lot not to tell them that not all parents can now afford Namugongo PS or Namagunga SS.  Went to both schools but my playmates in our village could not get into those schools.  Before you go off and tell a kid that their parents did the wrong thing to send them to a UPE or USE school, step back and understand why Universal is not the best. UPE was introduced in 2007 and I was already out of Uganda by then.  To see these UPE and USE success kids attack and abuse a kid from the rural community for their parents not having sent them to private schools is mind blowing. The success stories in UPE and USE remain "oli mwana wa gundii".  I would now like to only get comments from the kids who went to the high end schools (UPE and USE) who can tell us how we can get our kids in those schools without selling our land and everything we own. Hold your comments if you went to the private schools as you have nothing to teach the masses.  Your last Vac in London UK or Dubai does not apply in this case.  The people who went through UPE and USE are the ones who should convince us that the system works.  Thank you.

For God and My Country
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