Sunday, May 17, 2015


You will notice that when I am not sharing news, I write about the things which matter to Uganda OR jokes (we need to laugh sometimes) or my life, my family or my kids. This is important for people to know that I am real. I have suffered. I also have problems. There are solutions. We cannot despair. Because sometimes when you are suffering, you think you are the only one. On the contrary, there might be someone out there who is suffering more than you. So in essence, we have to be grateful for where we are and the fact that we breath? I have you ever seen someone fighting for their last breath? I have seen it. In fact I have been it.  We then have to not despair. There is hope as long as we are alive. It is very easy to despair. And I fear that this is what has happened in Uganda. I once lost hope. I had a broken spirit. It took a lot of love to repair me. Ugandans will need a lot of love to repair their broken spirits. The 1% who are happy and rich and couldn't care less have no idea how the country is suffering. Our country is going through a very painful period which was imposed on them for 29+. So when you see the madness play out in the open via the news I share from Uganda, do not be shocked. It is a broken nation, a failed state, a country of a brutal dictator with a fascist system of governance. Pray for Uganda so that heaven may help my people. If I do not say these things, few will dare say them. The disparity in income and wealth in the country is shocking and this is why we are headed for a Revolution. You cannot hold a country hostage forever. You cannot have an entire nation live in fear forever. You cannot deprive people of all means of income and survival, turn them into slaves, make them squatters on their land, kill their children, harrass, arrest, torture and then kill them AND expect nothing to be done in retaliation. The country is 38 million people (well, your census was bogus, number fudging at its best) and out of these 38 million, 28 are living in dire poverty. The 8 million are struggling and you keep taxing them to death and destroying their businesses. You then have 1 million who work very hard and are lucky to be doing well. The remaining 1 million are the monkeys who clap hands for bread crumbs or rob the nation dry. This is the class which should ensure that they have enough money off shore so that they may live in luxury in exile when the current government falls. The monkey hand clappers have no idea what is coming for them. You will be sorry for all the beatings, tortures and murders you have committed. Because guess what, your pictures, your faces, your names, your residence, these things are known by the people you torment....... kale, I am making up these figures but I am pretty close. You may go and do your own research and return with your findings. Tag me.

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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