Monday, May 11, 2015


In 2013 when I first encountered Ugandans on Social Media, I had to step back and evaluate why some people were not "nice".  I was stunned to learn that our youth go on social media and attack and abuse total strangers. I was willing to teach them about social media and the internet though.  What stunned me was they were using words that I did not know despite being born and raised in Uganda.

One time I got furious and told a friend that the kids had very bad manners.  The friend told me to look at their up bringing and the environment in which they had been raised.  Child up bringing is differs from family to family and from village to village.  The real deal is now in Uganda, kids are no longer raised by an entire village.  I can remember my uncles and aunties punishing me if I ever used the wrong word or insulted anyone.  I am a product of a village.  These young people we meet on Social Media had neither parents or elders mentoring them.  Not all of them but a good number of them.  Kids are raising themselves now!!

What has happened in Uganda is kids not being raised by a village.  So many are raised now by nannies and maids.  The parents are absent.  The kids think that just because the nannie or maid is paid, they should not listen to her advice or commands. I have news for you.  I was also raised by all the aunties and uncles you can imagine.  They had permission to punish me if I misbehaved.  The parents of these days now punish the helpers for the misbehaviour of their children.  Pray tell me, if you mistreat your maid or nanny or shamba boy, how can you expect them to be nice to your little brats (I call them little monsters).

Guess what, you chose to bring the child into the world and you must not relegate the parenting to a total stranger or even a family relative you brought from the village.  To boot, you pay people sh. 5,000 because they ought to be thankful that you brought them from the village and out of poverty.  They work 14-16hrs daily, every day that ends in Y and you think you liberated them?  Nope, you got yourself a slave.  If you really cared about them, you would pay them much more (sh. 150,000 and you pay food, rent and the school fees for their kids monthly).  You would allow them to go home to their families when holidays come around and then have your little monsters do all the chores.

Stop raising monsters and walking all over our people. The way I know how this works is because I have lived through every scenario and tried to justify why some Ugandans pay the hardest working people so little and then expect them to care for their children plus the house work.  I would personally never trust my children with anyone that I mistreat and under pay.  Thank heaven we have never had maids or nannies.  I am the nanny.  You make a very big mistake to hire people, exploit them and then expect them to care for your small children.

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