Friday, May 29, 2015


People post jobs and say for you to call them, email them or inbox them. You comment with your phone number or email or phone.  This makes no sense.  The people posting or giving you help usually state very clearly what you have to do as the next step.  So do you think that a person who is offering the job will call you or inbox you or email you when you are the one in need? Some of us go the extra step of providing all the information in text and a link.  If you only see a link, please go to an Internet Cafe and open it and read.

1) Please pay attention to reading.  READ and follow the instructions.

2) Do not assume that people are out there begging you to work.  Uganda has an unemployment rate of 90% for graduates.  Why do you assume that the employers must find you? You need to find them.

3) I beg you to write full words and full sentences.  I have seen so many post that they want a job as an English teacher but they do not even write one sentence properly.  Why do you do this? No one will pay attention if you do not write properly.  I have repeatedly said that Unglish is not an International language but some have told me "I hv no tym 2 rit full wads".

4) We cannot help you if you insist on helping yourselves.

5) Job searching is now global.  You will miss many opportunities if you remain on FBzero and refuse to learn how to use the Internet (e.g. clicking on job links and following the instructions). It is understandable that you might not have full internet access but if you see something you think is interesting, make an effort and go to a cafe or buy MBs to click on the link and follow it all the way.  How many of you have asked me to give more information regarding scholarships, universities, immigration, visas etc.?  This gets a bit frustrating because one conversation reveals that you did not bother to read anything but just want things spoon fed to you. Not everyone though.

6) I was serious when I said I would send samples of CV and Cover Letter but so many missed when I said, email me and I will send you the documents.  Please do not comment with your phones or emails when a post says very clearly that you email the poster.

7) Face Book is very powerful and can work for you.  Use it right.  There are many opportunities if you read
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