Thursday, May 7, 2015

NRM Poor Youth to Petition Obama - The Conversation which followed.

  • Graham Owiny After independence, many Ugandans thought every families could get rich. There came cheos among many locals/political leaders and untill 1986 when a mechanised "Kadogo" fought in order for Ugandans to understand how we should behave after colonialist but still too much sun shine on/in our heads is making us not to do so. colonial
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  • Graham Owiny When will time come for Africans to to solve their own problems?, it is like USA n europe went with our heads of understanding. Bad homage in Africa like riots/manual grabbing of power under western influence using air strikes and modern machine guns, killing presidents, dis-uniting africans, imprisoning leaders,
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  • Martha Leah Zesaguli Brother, I do not know when that will happen. For now, we all have a duty to perform. Inform and educate.
  • Graham Owiny We must be celebrating problems countries like Lybia, Tunisia, Egypt among others are facing, because those were the African revolutions not rebirth of knowledge as it happened in europe that led to conquest of Africa because of lack of many things in europe
  • Martha Leah Zesaguli NON NON NON.Please Graham Owiny, you know I respect you. The problems of Africa are from Leaders who overstay in Power (#stolen). It is very crucial that we lay the blame where the blame must be laid. Ruling as a dictator forever, stifling dissent and killing off the opposition without any succession planning because you think you will leave forever is the problem facing Africa. I will never ever accept that the Arab Spring brought all the problems to the countries which are now in turmoil. I blame it on all the dictators which killed opposition and thought they would live forever. UGANDA will face the same problems. However, on the Ugandan side, I know that there are many great leaders in the waiting and we will not fall apart. You know that the potential leaders have already been working on a Transitional Government. AND a transitional government will be put in place for us to avoid the turmoil. For Africans to think that they must live under a dictatorship forever, impoverishment, silence and daily murders (thugs or terrorists) is to make a very big mistake. All revolutions are started because the masses are discontented. Tunisia made out alright. Do you remember that the youth who was selling vegetables and fruits got his stand kicked and a woman slapped him in the face (in an African culture, a woman slapping a man in public is a no no). He set himself of on fire. It ignited the fires which burned the Arab North Africa. It is crucial that you remember if you actually were old enough to analyse. In France, the rich took the lands from the peasants and enslaved the peasants on their own lands... anything about Uganda ring a bell for you? For the Kabaka's birthday, the guard for the Katikiro was slapped by some kawala. Fast forward, Amuru / Apaa on one Wednesday are attacked by the military police and UPDF and beat to the point where over 34 people ended up in hospital (this is a new age, we got information as soon as the military machine showed up in the dark to evict our people off their land). Then our elders had to protest naked. You should read about what I have written about how revolutions start. This is nothing. The rest will be history.

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