Friday, May 22, 2015

MUSLIM CLERICS ARE IN DANGER IN #UGANDA. Sheikh Rashid Wafula got murdered yesterday

THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THE WAR TO MY HOME TOWN. YOU HAVE MURDERED ENOUGH PEOPLE.  YOU CAN STOP NOW.  WE GOT THE MESSAGE.  NONE OF US IS SAFE AND WE MUST ALL LIVE IN FEAR.  WHEN YOU MOVED INTO BUSOGA AND BUSIA, WE KNEW MBALE WAS NEXT.  Your government stole far too much money in the pretext of resettling people from Bududa land slides and we have not forgotten the UPC supporters whom you butchered.  The anger which boils in our people is beyond measure.  You have NRM cadres going around threatening many of us, including our own indoctrinated children and you think you are safe. The tsunami which will hit you will not even be from East or North Uganda.  Look to the West.  Your own people have turned against you for they have seen the crimes you have committed elsewhere and they have opened their eyes knowing that the country will shed much blood starting from the West the minute your strong grip on power is broken.  Let those who have money run into exile now and taste what it feels like to live away from one's home.  Let those who have voices use them to speak.  May those who can write do so to every elected leader from their riding.  May those who have access to the president tell him ENOUGH.  No more shedding of innocent blood.  The God whom you profess to love and serve sees everything.  He never sleeps.  The satan whom you have turned your faces to does not accept being fooled.  Who then shall take care of you as neither God nor satan wants anything to do with you.  That Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi you claim is behind the murders of the Muslim clerics is very innocent and all Ugandans know this so you can stop the spinning and identify the killers whom you must know very well.  Do you remember when the late Kagezi was murdered?  Your own media reported you saying that the murderers had been trailing her for weeks.  Pray tell #Ugandans then how you came to that conclusion.  It means you were also trailing her for weeks so how come you did not stop the murderers?  Were you the ones trailing her and were you the ones who murdered her.  You will answer at one point in time how you knew that she was being trailed for weeks.  In addition, why is it that the police were the most active on her mobile phone before she was gunned down.  If someone is that important and prosecuting a terrorist group, you call her constantly yes but you also put protection around her.  Your NRM whip has 2 dedicated convoy cars to follow her around.  As if anyone would be interested in killing that woman.


Another Muslim cleric was on Thursday evening shot dead in the eastern town of Mbale, the first of this kind of murder out of the central region.
Sheikh Rashid Wafula, the Imam of Masjid Bilal Mosque in Mbale and the proprietor of three powerful Islamic Schools, was gunned down as he returned to his home in Kireka Zone, Mbale town after work.
Two people were immediately arrested by Police on Thursday night to the morning of Friday in connection with the sad and brutal demise of the Sheikh.

The Local Council Chairman one of his area also a Muslim, Mohamed Modo was the first to be picked by the police flying squad from Mbale Central Police Station.
Another Sheikh only identified as Wabomba has also been netted for the same while the third suspect is reportedly on the run.
Police hunted the cousin of the late one Sulaiman for questioning but he disappeared since last night without trace.
The decease shall be buried this afternoon at his home in Nakoloke at 4:00pm according family members.

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