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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
CV aka Resume Guidelines for #Uganda
1) Only one page for each 10yrs of work experience.  Kid, you have never worked since graduating, why is your CV 8 pages?  I threw it in the trash.

2) The first page has your Work Experience and Education. The second page should have your extra activities like basketball, community work, etc.. I enjoy watching the Eclipse does not count.  If you have no education or work experience, put these items on page one. Get your niece or nephew to write it for you. hahaha

3) Referees are for sports. References are for CVs.  Unless you are applying for a job in Uganda by Ugandans for Ugandans.

4) If you do not know how to write a CV, seek help. Via inbox.  Use me, but do not abuse me.

5) Make job hunting a full time job. Get off FBzero if you are unemployed and do not realise that FBzero can actually help you to connect to employers. Use proper English and stop abusing total strangers.  FB will haiunt you for life.

6)  I have emailed samples of a job, CV and cover letter.  Please do not comment with your phone or inbox or email.  You need the job.  Send me an email if you want samples to help you.  All my information is online -  ALL communication relating to your job or business is totally confidential. I cannot help you with the little I know if you do not talk to me.

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