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There is a popular saying that if you want to hide anything from Africans, put it in writing.  Uganda is a classic example.  Since 2013, I have been trying to encourage my people to read and read broadly.  Many understand why reading is important.  Unfortunately we still have a minority that asks "can you summarize for us the article".

When I grew up in Bududa District (Uganda), I only had 3 books. The ABC book, the telephone directory and the Bible.  I read them over and over.  I knew how to spell, read and write at a very young age. However, I also had older brothers and one sister who never let me get away with bad spelling.

What is going on in Uganda right now is a generation of non readers.  How can these people expect change when they cannot even read their own constitution and know their rights?

Reading is empowering, in not that it keeps your brain muscles exercised but it also feeds you information.  Did you know that if you do not exercise a muscle, it dies. The same applies to the brain.  You do not exercise it, it dies off with time.

In this age, it is easy for everyone to digest predigested information.  Watching TV, if you are not watching mentally stimulating shows, it kills off your thinking and analytical skills for the brain.  Our family hardly watches any TV, we read.  You want us to pay attention, write it and we shall read it.  This is not to pass judgement on the people who get all their information from TV but for the sake of your children, please, read to them and one day they will read to you.  Reading helps to grasp a language you did not even know.  That is how I learned English and French, by reading daily.  But get this, my mother used to get me to read the Bible in church every Sunday in the holidays.  It was always in Luganda.  So any wonder why I surprise some of you with my Luganda.  It is rusty a bit but I am working on it.  When it came to French, I figured that if I could master the Bible in English and Luganda, why not read to understand French and write it.  It worked.  All because of reading.

Stop asking people to summarize things for you. READ because it is great for you.  Read everything and anything in sight.  You are now in charge of what you can locate and read and do not compromise.  The more expensive thing besides poverty is ignorance and ignorance is fed by choosing not to read.  Inform yourself on many things by simply reading.

The picture is a book that the province of Ontario, Canada used to give to every parent as soon as their kid was born.  It worked magic because at the age of 2yrs, Rebecca read to me.  Never mind that she had memorized the books but she would sit me down and read to me.  Now I watch Natasha read to me her writing at school.  Kids are like sponges.  What you teach them from birth is what they will spit back at you when they are older.  The writing skills also come from the amount of reading that one does.  Enjoy. READ.

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