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This story has been circulating among some of us for a few days now. I am only sharing it so that you all know where some of your money goes.  Enjoy. How many of you are still waiting for your salaries by the way?  Do you see why HATE is more expensive than Love? Enjoy your hospitals with no medicine, lousy roads, bad education and all the pot holes in your roads and the daily murders.  At least the gays are no more so who is then causing all our problems?

Uganda: Govt Paid American Congressmen Shs 614 Million to Clean Image After to Anti-Gay Bill

A supplementary request of Shs 614m by the ministry of Foreign Affairs to pay Scribe Strategies and Advisors, a US public relations company that sanitized Uganda's international image tainted by the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Act in 2014 has been sharply criticized by MPs.

Some MPs on the House budget committee refused to approve the Shs 614m, a part of the supplementary budget requested by the ministry of foreign affairs to pay the PR company. The MPs boldly told off the ministry of Finance delegation led by Aston Kajara, the minister of state for privatization.

The finance officials were in Parliament on Friday to defend government's Shs 847.2bn supplementary request for the fiscal year 2014/15. In his brief to the committee, Kajara told the MPs that government through the ministry of foreign affairs spent "Shs 614m to prop up Uganda's image in the US Congressional Caucus, which was tarnished by the Anti-Homosexuality Act."

His defence of the Shs 2.7bn additional funding needed by the ministry of foreign affairs didn't convince some MPs. The lawmakers said they couldn't approve a public relations budget for a law they want re-introduced in Parliament.

"We cannot spend Shs 614m on clearing Uganda's name and if you took a vote amongst the MPs in this House, no one would find it proper to spend taxpayers' money on this anti-homosexuality act," said Agago's John Okot, supported by colleagues Cecilia Ogwal, Florence Nebanda and Fred Ebil, among others.

Nebanda said: "It's quite unbelievable that the ministry of foreign affairs could use this money to clear Uganda's image, yet us as Ugandans we are against this issue of homosexuality."

In defending the expenditure, Kajara said: "I remember that the president was moving to the US and there were [negative] campaigns against the government of Uganda to the extent that even the hotel they had booked for him had to change and we engaged consultants to intervene and stem the hostility against the president on behalf of Uganda."

Pressed further on the same issue, the minister said: "The president slept in somebody's farm and even the PR company said that they booked and they were threatened that if this man [Museveni] sleeps here, we shall abandon this hotel."

In September, last year, US media reported that President Museveni was denied accommodation in two hotels during his visit there.

Other controversial issues included the Shs 300m request by the ministry of trade, industry and cooperatives to "cater for the funding shortfall that resulted from outstanding obligations under AGOA secretariat."

But the MPs led by Martin Drito objected to this, saying: "We can't approve AGOA supplementary budget unless they have shown us that Ugandans benefit from their existence... "

MPs also want the ministry of finance to explain the Shs 403.1bn spent to "cover the funding shortfall on domestic debt obligations."

Although the ministry officials said it was occasioned by the increase in interest rates, the unconvinced MPs demanded a written explanation.

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