Thursday, March 19, 2015


When the opposition MPs accepted bail out money from Museveni, they lost many followers and supporters.  Imagine sh. 110 million could have put medicine in many hospitals.  Consequently, not too many Ugandans trust the opposition.

The people who read what I write know that we must always have a strong opposition.  If not to take down NRM but also to demand for services for our people.  We felt let down when our own opposition took the cash from NRM.  On this one, I have to congratulate NRM for pulling a money support thing off.  Naturally, because NRM controls the Treasury, we are all dependent on NRM.

I would like to caution the opposition to inform the people not to settle for today's meal but rather demand for what happens in the future.  Education, Health Care, Salaries paid on time, good roads, end of corruption.  I have seen this in Bugisu where they celebrate and feast on the food for a day.  Yet Mbale Hospital has no equipment or medicine.  Can you imagine no xray machines or ultra sounds.

Some Ugandans make no sense;  they say I hate Museveni.  Nope, I do not hate him at all.  In fact I am one of his fans.  I hate corruption, nepotism, inefficiency, horrible education, bad medical care (I am nearly bankrupt from the medical bills for my elders), arbitrary arrests, a non functioning judicial system.  If you think these things relate to Museveni, then that is your choice.

We currently have typhoid and cholera and we have funds missing which were intended for the water system, roads and railway as well as medical care.  Non, I do not hate Museveni.  I hate the lack of accountability and the impunity.

Am I wrong to hate these things?  And exactly why do you relate them to Museveni.  He has brought much peace to Uganda.  The ones who work  under him need to answer all of us.

Most countries or cities will issue a Boil Water Alert the minute typhoid is diagnosed in 3 cases or more. You have not even issued an alert.  The same would go for cholera and where is your alert?
FDC is under the management of Mugisha Muntu.  He made a passionate speech about the future of Uganda and many of you read it.  If you missed it, then catch up because the whole world is aware of it. The future looks bright if he can ditch all the nay sayers.

DP is going through something that we could call growing pains.  But never write DP off.  You make a big mistake to do that.  Sure, Mao has health problems but there is more than meets the eye.

UPC has their leader Dr. Olara Otunu stepping aside before the 2016 elections.  The party lost a good one.  Call it party politics.  In any case, he even spent too much time working in UPC.  His CV is solid.

Federal Alliance led by Betty Kamya -- this one is up now in the air.  She kissed NRM.
The Uganda Electoral Commission lists some of these as the parties we should all watch. 

Conservative Party, led by Ken Lukyamuzi
Democratic Party, led by Norbert Mao
Forum for Democratic Change, led by Mugisha Muntu
Justice Forum, led by Muhammad Kibirige Mayanja
Federal Democratic Party, Led by Simon Peter Kabala-Kasirye Lives in Canada
National Democrats Forum, led by Karuhanga Chapaa
National Resistance Movement, led by Yoweri Museveni
Uganda People's Congress, led by Olara Otunnu
Uganda Green Party
People's Progressive Party, led by Jaberi Bidandi Ssali
Uganda Federal Alliance, led by Beti Kamya-Turwomwe
Why is it that in such a small country we have so many political parties? 
It is a well known fact that I am a Canadian with Ugandan roots.  In Canada we do not even have that many political parties.  WHAT you people in Uganda have to do is unite.  All the opposition must get together and form one front.  This will be the best thing for NRM.  Divided, you will never succeed.  United, you stand a chance.  Put your differences aside and unite.  Even Museveni knows that the best challenge is a strong opposition.  In fact throughout history, everyone will know that a strong opposition helps the current government address the issues which affect the people.  So what issues do you want to address in unison?

Corruption, Nepotism, Inefficiency, Horrible education, Bad medical care, Terrible roads, Non paid salaries and  Unemployment.  Come up with your own but these are the issues which affect our people.  You make a big mistake to ignore them, or even one of them.  With a third of your population under the age of 35 and unemployed, I think you have to all work together no matter if you are NRM, FDC, DP, UPC, etc.. Believe me, you do not have enough bullets and tear gas to face what is coming at you. 

By the way, you make a very big mistake to tear gas your youth and arrest them for saying they are hungry, unemployed and need jobs.  You are setting yourselves up for an Arab Spring south of the Sahara.  One time you will remember all that I have been writing for you.

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada

Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District where Bududa Hospital has no water)

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