Monday, March 30, 2015


This past week, some Makerere University students protested and banned one business man and his daughter from a conference in that place.  Their reasons was "him and his daughter have nothing to teach us intellectuals".  Something like that anyway.  It was stunning to try to tell them that an education does not guarantee success in life.  I guess they will wake up to the fact that some of the most successful people have no degrees.  However, their arrogance shocked the hell out of me.  Why are we educating brats?  Remember that the unemployment rate among graduates in Uganda is something like 84%.  One of the reasons might be their bratish attitude.  What is even amazing is they listen to all the Radio shows for that man, read everything he says, get inspired but oh nedda, they are geniuses and will not accept advice from a successful man, but rather live in unemployment and poverty because the business people with no degrees have nothing to teach them.

I thought of my mother who spent all her life slaving to care for us.  Should I respect her more than the people with degrees.  My father going to Cambridge never taught any of us how  to disrespect our elders and our mothers who had dropped out of school because those were the times.  Both parents were good at something or the other.  NOW these kids insult their non graduate parents indirectly by insulting job creators just because of no degree.  You can ask my family, I hated school with a passion and used every excuse to drop out of school.  Had our family been rich, there is no way I would even have made it to Olevel.  And the MUK graduates got nasty and started attacking one kid (the kid of this rich man) and that really got me very angry.  We have a kid who gets 95-100% in everything but she also hates school.  She has already asked to be allowed to drop out of school.  Since in Canada the school drop out is only after 16yrs of age, she will wait for a while lest she gets arrested for dropping out.

My people are not easy.  I have no idea why they refuse to see the problems in our country.  Many flaunt fake degrees and then insult people who went through life the hard way and skipped school.  I am not promoting skipping out of school but I am saying that it is not mandatory for some people.  Some of you read the biographies I post about successful people and I assure you that the really intelligent ones do not need to go go MUK to get a degree in order to succeed.  I know for a fact I did not go there.  So that make me inferior to you MUK graduates who have no brains (some, not all, my family went there too and I respect that).  The real issue is an arrogance which is not substantiated by anything you have done for Uganda.

One brother was very kind.  He reminded me that MUK is one of the best institutions which is great at research and innovation.  Well if they are so innovative, why are their graduates unemployed.  Be very careful full about using a piece of paper to think that you are better than non paper holders.  In any case, we can all buy those papers anytime.  Degrees for sale is a real business in Uganda. You want to know the prices for each degree?  Look on Face Book people.

Stop insulting non degree holders because your degree is useless in most cases.  And in addition, you are unemployed.  THE INSULT IS INTENDED.  Some of you opened up a war and I will teach you how your arrogance and unemployment does not prove that you are more intelligent than us who dropped out of MUK.  Wait, I never even applied.  Sorry.

My uncle Kibeti who never even got PLE is one of my role models.  He taught manners and respect.  I hope you have an uncle like him or like my aunties who all got married and had kids at a very early age.

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