Saturday, March 28, 2015


I have seen some people come onto Social Media attacking Aggrey Kiyingi​. I have had to bite my tongue a lot.  AND this is a new experience.  Seriously, you want to attack him, how about you show us what you have which is better than him.  You see, anyone can be a critic but few can provide an elaborate of what plan they have for #Uganda.  You have gotten so used to attacking anything that makes you to think outside the box that you tend to lash out at anyone.  Tell you what, I will continue biting my tongue while waiting for you all to formulate a Policy Report that is better than the current status quo or even do it for the current running parties.  You might want to know that corruption, nepotism, inefficiency, incompetence, poor infrastructure, unemployment of 84% and semi illiterate people are not an option.  You should also add a section in it of how you will deal with poorly paid workers, lack of medicine in hospitals, horrible education with kids learning under trees.  You might also want to talk about the railway, roads, missing funds.  AHA, challenge me about how you will deal with your land evictions, oil boom not and arbitrary arrests daily with many missing that we do not know about.  Bring it on.  YOU ARE allowed to criticize any candidate as long as you present your own platform.  Thank you.   FYI, I will be voting for Justin Trudeau this year.

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