Tuesday, March 24, 2015


So all of you #Ugandan media who think that you should not allow anyone to copy and paste your articles, what is going on with you?  You cannot get the increased traffic to your website to pay for the advertising money you need.  Sure, some people do not give you credit but Leah should have access to your work as she broadcasts and always gives you credit by including your link for each article.  You are going down in flames because you, well, you are going down.  You are based in Uganda where many of your readers only get the information on Face Book using their phones.  The ones who have MBs will click on the links BUT they all know they can get the information for free though.  Learn about your audience.  So you think I am not helping you by copying and pasting all your articles on Face Book (with your links?).

Learn about your audience and their ways of accessing your information.  Everyone counts.  These people will walk into the street and buy your papers because they read a snap short of the news on their phones.  You make a very big mistake to exclude Social Media die hards from sharing your content.  In any case, in a year or two, you will be gone.  Now is the time to build a crowd of followers and you are doing a lousy job by preventing social media people from sharing your information.

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