Monday, March 23, 2015


So Mao who is bed ridden is the one who mocks Dr. Besigye? I would have expected better than that. And then we talk of the opposition uniting, in which era? Does this Mao read much at all? Did he not read about how the elections were conducted? Preposterous.

Segujja Yusuf The only problem with Uganda's opposition is that they are so much concentrating in Kampala as if it's the only area where election exercise is done. Uganda has a population of about 37 million and out of that how many voters are in Kampala?  It's in Kampala where people like boda boda riders gave up on voting as they keep them selves busy riding voters to the polling stations. Elections are almost near next year but I do ask my self how many political parties in opposition have gone to villages to teach people that soap, salt, sugar, etc.  can't buy your vote?  It' s in villages that you will find no representatives for opposition candidates at some polling stations.  The opposition is in Kampala eating chips and chicken in good hotels while the ruling party is seriously giving out cows and goats, There is no strategy put in place by the opposition to win the 2016 elections.  Going to radio stations and shouting is not enough because deep in the villages people don't know you.  Will the two months given to you to travel in more than 100 districts be enough for you to convince voters?  As some historians had prophecised the second world war before even its occurrence, I can also prophecise that if the opposition continues with those divisions and lack of strategy,  believe me they will be out competed come 2016.  There is Kiganda saying"omubisi taba mussi" he who brings a death announcement cant be regarded as a killer.  My appeal to fellow citizens is please boil water and wash hands after going to the latrine or toilet so that you can be able to be live till 2016 and vote.

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  1. it's not the will of opposition, it is simply lack of money causing this. As you know villages are sparsely populated hence a broadcast on the Tv or Radio can cost between 1.5 million uganda shillings to 5m, yet its coverage can be massive.