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My life was okay before I decided to return to Uganda.  I did in 2013.  What a shock it was because I have spent more time in Canada than in Uganda.  My horror was seeing them advocate for kill the gays.  I did not understand it and I will never understand it.  You want to kill your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews?  Nothing made sense.  My return to Uganda was a big fight to tell my people that they are not allowed to kill anyone.  Imagine, I was accused of many things but the biggest number of attackers are Christians.  I asked many (and my non Ugandan friends helped me a lot) what Jesus issued as the last commandment.  None of them told me what it was.  Just to remind you... "So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other."

So you call yourself a Christian and yet refuse to recite the last commandment?  Do you think Jesus was stupid?  Do you think God makes a mistake in His creations?  Do you want to use your Bible to go around the world judging people when your knowledge of theology is lacking?  Do you think that you are hollier than all of us?  Did you ever even think about the fact that Jesus came for sinners, not the self righteous?  Did you know that most of you holly Christians commit more sins than the rest of us?  Did you even ever think about why your pastors, priests and clerics charge you money to belong to a sect?

I am not done yet.  Most cults are composed of blind believers.  You know, God would never have given you a brain if He did not want you to use it.  You make a very big mistake to take God for a fool.  You make an even bigger mistake not to walk and talk what Jesus taught.  Jesus taught love and put no conditions on it.

In one book called "What is So Amazing About Grace". Philip Yancey writes about an experience.  He ran into this prostitute who was struggling to survive and had kids.  He asked her why she does not go to her church to get help.  Her reply was poignant and I will never forget it.  "Church, that would be the last place I go to ask for help.  They judge you the minute you walk in the door.  Church is not for people who need help".  SCREW your church and your higher holliness.

One time when Ghandi visited Mother Theresa in the slums of Calcutta.  She asked him "you love Jesus so much, how come you are not a Christian".  His reply "Because of Christians.  If Christians did the things that Jesus said they had to do, there would be no need for any other religion".

So go ahead, be the Christian that you are who turns away people from Christianity.  HOW dare you ignore the Last Commandment?  Then your are not a Christian.  That last commandment had no conditions.  You went ahead and put conditions on it and you then expect us to listen to you as a Christian?

I am a committed Christian who is ashamed of most Christians.  There, I said it. My people need medicine, food, good roads and salaries paid on time and you think your morality is what I care about??

By the way, most people who advocated for gay people to be killed are actually dead or missing.  You could be next.  NEVER ever sign up for anyone to be killed because you then sign your own death.

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