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A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SET UP IN MULAGO HOSPITAL IN #UGANDA.  I HAVE NOT READ MUCH ABOUT IT SINCE IT WAS FIRST ANNOUNCED.  Uganda does not have free organ orders and I have even been told they even charge for blood donations unless your relatives or friends can come and give blood for you. AND then some people wonder why I hesitate to return to Uganda.  When I am sick, I need 25 -30 donors. This young woman needs all of us to do what we can do.  Too bad our medical system is so messed up we cannot arrange for her to get a kidney transplant. One of the reasons why I try hard to inform and educate Uganda.  She needs a kidney people.  Looking at the health care in #Uganda, we prolly have to only think in terms of money to send her to Israel or India for a transplant.  What God is this?  Surely something can be done.

On first encounter, Atim might be mistaken for a university or a high school student. She is tall, slender, and dark skinned with well-organised hair. Atim is a 31-year-old resident of Naalya, Kiira Town council in Wakiso District.

Origin of the problem
In 2012, Atim was diagnosed with hypertension but since she was pregnant, she thought the hypertension would disappear after childbirth. This was not the case as her blood pressure remained as high as it had been during pregnancy.

In December of the same year, she went to Kadic Hospital and after conducting tests on her, one of the physicians discovered she had a kidney problem. The doctor recommended a hypertension test (blood, urine). Various tests, including a scan, were conducted and the results confirmed that Atim was indeed suffering from a kidney problem. Her kidneys were smaller than the normal size.

She was advised to see Dr Robert Kalyesubula, the president Uganda Kidney Foundation which she did.
“By the time I visited Dr Kalyesubula, my kidney performance was at 15 per cent (fifth stage of deterioration). He advised that I undergo a kidney transplant. I was also advised to look for a donor and given medication to help control and manage the pressure,” recalls Atim.

Atim was given drugs and told to manage her diet. “I mainly feed on vegetables and beans which I take in small amounts. I have stayed away from sweet bananas,” she explains.
“However, in February this year, while in office, I collapsed and when rushed to hospital, I was told I was anaemic, my pressure was high and my kidney function had deteriorated to six per cent. I needed to undergo a transplant,” Atim narrates. She was advised against dialysis because she appears stronger than usual but undergoing dialysis will only make her weak.

Signs and symptoms
“I get swellings on the legs and my face swells often. My legs get very hot. Sometimes, I get sharp pain which feels like muscle pulls in the legs. The legs swell in certain parts and these are like bruises which later burst. They bleed and create wounds which ooze pus and this is very painful. Nowadays, I have back pain, feel dizzy, have poor appetite and my weight loss is very drastic,” explains Atim.

“My production rate and capacity has reduced because any activity I do leaves me weak, tired and I pant a lot. All I do is rest and much as I have understanding bosses who offered me a transfer from Hoima to Kampala, my productivity is low because I have to sit all the time. When I get up after bending, I get a sharp pain in the back,” Atim shares. Atim is staying off most of the foods that have high potassium levels which are not good for the kidney.

Current situation
Atim needs to undergo a kidney transplant in India since it is not possible to have the operation in Uganda.
A kidney transplant costs between Shs60m to 100m and this includes all expenses like transporting the person to India.

In his report, Dr Robert Kalyesubula, the president of Uganda Kidney Foundation prescribes a transplant for Atim. “The best solution for her is a kidney transplant which is the definitive treatment for the condition,” he writes.

How you can help
To help Caroline get a kidney transplant, you can deposit your contribution on bank account number 3620006504 in Centenary Bank, Ntinda Branch, Kampala, under the names of Atim Caroline Eonya.

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